At Vapro we stock a broad range of CBD products and try to inform our customers as best as we can to choose the right product for their needs. We have Oral drops, vaping liquids, capsules, gummies, balms, moisturisers and other products. For any queries or to purchase our products please contact Pearse on 0834645265. Alternatively use our chat bar on the bottom right of our site, call into either of our locations, or message us on any of our social media pages.

Some of our products:


Advance Biotech Spagyric 10ml Oral Drop (200mg) 2% €37

Advance Biotech Spagyric 10ml Oral Drop (500mg) 5% €57

Advance Biotech Spagyric 10ml Oral Drop (800mg) 8% €82

Cannabigold Classic CBD Oil 12ml (500mg) 5% €40

Cannabigold Balance CBD Oil 12ml (1000mg) 10% €80

Cannabigold Premium CBD Oil 12ml (1500mg 15% €125

Cannabigold Intense CBD Oil 12ml (3000mg) 30% €250


We mainly stock the Harmony brand in 100mg, 300 mg and 600 mg, priced at €15, €30 and €50 respectively. We also have the Cannazil brand in 1000mg bottles for €97. Flavours that we have in the Harmony brand include; OG Kush, Original Hemp, Moroccan Hemp, Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Wild, Mango Kush, Kiwi Skunk and Exodus Cheese. We can stock other flavours from the Harmony range, just ask.


CBD Lip Balm 25mg €8.50

Love CBD Balm 30g 300mg €35

Cannazil CBD Moisturiser €33

Natra Gel Capsules 500mg €45

Natra 300mg CBD Gummies 30*10mg €36

Cannaflex Massage Oil- €17.50