How To Use Less Vape Juice

It can be such a frustrating feeling when you run out of vape juice when you’re yearning for a vape. It’s worse if the craving kicks in in the middle of the night or when you're in a place with no vape shop.

Additionally, when you vape pretty much everyday, you’re always in need of buying fresh vape juice and the bill adds up to your daily expense. This blog post is meant to guide you into extending the life of your vape juice. Sounds good? Let’s dive right in!

So, here are EIGHT proven ways to make your vape juice last longer.

Choose a more potent e-juice w/ a higher nicotine content

The first step in ensuring a continuous supply of e-liquid is to choose a stronger e-juice with greater nicotine content. This will help you to take fewer pulls to get a higher nicotine concentration and will take in less e-liquid to pacify your cravings.

Use High Resistance Coils

The coil on your vaping device is what determines the amount of power consumed. Sub-ohming with low-resistance coils is not encouraged at low wattages. If you do this, you won’t get much throat hit or even a sufficient quantity of vapour.

Low-resistance coils need more electricity to operate properly. This means that if you want a pleasurable and efficient vape, you'll need to increase the ohms coil resistance.


Reduce the wattage

If you're wondering how to make e-juice last longer, reducing the wattage as much as possible affects temperature, the thickness of the cloud, and liquid consumption rate. This is why the majority of gadgets come in a variety of wattage configurations. Reduced vapour generation and consumption of e-juice result from lowering the wattage. A 40W vape can quickly deplete your e-juice supply compared to a 20W vape.

Choose Vape Pens and Pods Over High-Powered Devices

While high-power devices enable you to blow bigger clouds and promise a better experience and a longer battery life, the reality is that these sub-ohm vaping devices use vape fluids quicker than a regular vape pen or pod. Therefore, if your e-juice supply is depleted and there seems to be no way out, then maybe it’s time you switch from your high-power gadget to a portable pen or pod.

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Start using nicotine salts

Nicotine salts provide a better dose of nicotine per inhalation than freebase nicotine in e-cigarettes. They give a higher dose of nicotine to your blood much quicker without consuming much of it, resulting in a smoother experience. This results in a reduced vaping intake and an endless supply of vape juice. However, keep in mind that since nicotine salts are smoother, you won’t get the sharpness of the throat impact that many individuals seem to like.


Keep a check on your vaping habits and usage of e-liquid

No matter what type of vaping device or juice you use, if you do not limit your habits, you will always run out of supplies. If you see yourself vaping regularly, it might require some sacrifices and a little bit of self-discipline to vape only when you need to. Maintain a journal of when and how you vape to identify areas for improvement. To keep track of your consumption, you may use a notebook, a phone note, or one of several vape monitoring applications.


Switch to a daytime device

We advise utilising a daytime device if you still want to use your box mod but want to use less vape juice. It could be a box mod with high-resistance coils that uses nicotine salts and only uses the smallest amount of power possible. You might also save money by buying an open pod system that you can refill and that utilises a vape juice that is compatible with your more powerful vaping equipment.

Rather than using your vaping equipment at work, use it throughout the day. You'll use less vape juice during the day since it'll be the only device you have, and you'll be able to use your pen, which generates more vape juice, once you get home.


Remember to store your e-liquid properly

No matter how simple it sounds, the best way to consume less vape juice while also extending the life of your e-liquid container is to keep it properly. Light, air, and heat can destroy vape juice pretty fast, leaving it useless for vaping due to harsh or non-existent nicotine and flavour.

When choosing the appropriate storage space for your e-liquid, make sure you keep in mind the three enemies of flavour. The most workable option can be a cabinet since it’s dark, airless, and has kind of a neutral temperature inside. The refrigerator, on the other hand, is quite ideal for storing vape juices since it is cooler, dark, and airless. Keeping your vape juice in these places can help it last longer than you would imagine. If you purchase a big amount, you can be certain that it will not spoil or lose its flavour.


How does airflow affect your e-juice intake?

The higher your airflow, the better your vaping experience. As the airflow remains on the coils, increased airflow might reduce the quantity of e-juice needed, but you might lose the flavour instead. If you pick a lesser airflow, you will get more flavour from your vape, but the e-juice will be forced out and consumed more quickly. This is due to the fact that when less air travels through the coils, they grow warmer.


What can I do so that my e-juice lasts longer?

  • Use low-powered vape devices to allow your e-juice to last longer.
  • Reduce or regulate your vaping habits by practising self-discipline.
  • Use coils with high resistance.
  • Check the wattage, tanks, and airflow on your vaping devices to make sure they're in the right condition
  • Use nicotine salts or high-concentration vape liquids.
  • Always keep them in a cool and dry place.


Can a faulty or overfilled e-cig tank force excessive e-liquid use?

Yes. Some liquid might get spilt if you overfill the tank of your e-cigarette. This is also true if the e-cigarette tank is damaged. If you see fluid entering your nose or mouth when vaping, the tank on your device is either overfilled or broken.

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